About the Author

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I looked him right in the eye and said..."I'm a blogger."

At least I'm trying to be. Authoring two blogs has been a fun exercise in both writing and in search engine optimization (SEO). I've spent hours writing code that saves a global telecommunications conglomerate millions of dollars yearly, so why shouldn't I spend a little time to write and promote something that could make me hundreds... ok, maybe tens of dollars.

Actually, what I do in my spare time doesn't make me rich in money, but it does enrich my life in other ways. Through writing, I've discovered my love for poetry, especially that well respected form... limericks. I've also discovered my love for the obscure word. Finding a new word that has a useful meaning is great. No longer do I have to say, "Listen to me." I can say, "Auscultate." What could be more satisfying than that?

Aside from blogging, the other interest that I've taken up lately is a project called the Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form. I am a contributing editor, submitting dozens of definitions for words such as coniform to ductulus. I see this as a perfect marriage of my love for limericks (see my other blog, Star Wars Retold... In Limerick) and my love for learning the meaning of a new word (such as I do on this blog.)

I also like to think of myself as a semi-pro basketball player, although I'm very slow and have a vertical jump of about 3 inches... this is why I only like to think of myself as one.