Reasons To Read

#1 - Rephrazer helps men communicate with women.

It is said that a woman on average speaks 20,000 words on a given day, while a man will use somewhere around 7,000. My personal feeling is that men in general are more efficient speakers than women... but most ladies will try to contend that using more than the necessary amount of words to convey a message makes them superior communicators.

Whatever. We'll agree to disagree, but one thing that everyone can agree on is that it's no fun to argue with a lady. So we'll let them have this one. If they insist that using more words means better communication, we'll just go with it.

This is how Rephrazer can help. We take normal everyday words and obfuscate them by using more words... longer words... thus creating a phrase with the same meaning but using up to four times more syllables. For example, why say "day" when you could use the phrase "diurnal course"? Why underachieve with the word "cow" when you can dazzle with the words "lactating ungulate"? See what I did there? More syllables... more letters... more communication!

Obfuscating your words will also produce a secondary effect leading to even more communication. Chances are, if you use the phrase "lactating ungulate" in a conversation, your acquaintance will ask, "What is a lactating ungulate?" to which you can reply, "It’s a cow." As a result, you've added eight more words to your conversation and left her impressed with your communicative prowess.

#2 - It's fun for the whole family

The neat thing about writing Rephrazer is that there are all types of quotes and phrases to choose from. The underlying subject of this blog is and always will be expanding vocabulary, but there is a surfeit of subjects from which I can borrow a phrase to transform. Sometimes I pick things I am interested in like sports or 80's television. Sometimes I'll pick things related to current events. Sometimes I'll go with a theme suggested by readers of the blog. Overall, there's a little something here for everybody.

I eschew things I wouldn't want my own kids to read, so you're pretty safe here. In fact, I think it would be pretty neat to have kids follow my blog. Can you imagine your kid with a vocabulary learned here? Imagine hearing whining from the back seat, "Dad, Sister won't stop osculating me. Will you tell her to keep her metacarpi to herself?" What parent wouldn't be proud? "That's my kid!"

One little disclaimer though, you must remember that all the posts are open to commenting from the general public. I've always had the opinion that the types of people who spout profanity are ignoramuses. They aren't likely to be trying to improve their vocabulary by visiting a classy blog such as this one. There's always an exception to the rule, however. While I will do my best to delete or clean up any offensive reader comments, I can't guarantee that your child will never see something inappropriate said in response by the readers. As with anything your kids do online, parental guidance is always a good idea.